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Passion for Vietnamese Calligraphy of Vietnamese woman


A French woman with a deep interest in Vietnamese poetry and music has decided to stay in Vietnam and spend her elder years learning Calligraphy.

Ginette Lam is married to a Vietnamese man and has 5 children.

One year ago, Ginette made her first trip to visit the renowned Vietnamese poet Han Mac Tu’s grave in Quy Nhon city in the central province of Binh Dinh.

She met painter Dzu Kha, who has used a “fire-pen,” a kind of pen whose nib is a light that can burn wood to create letters, for 30 years, in order to write the Calligraphy of Han Mac Tu’s poems. The woman was fascinated by the unique art.

Since then, Ginnette has decided to stay in Quy Nhon and become Kha’s student.

"Ginette is my oldest student, but she has an amazing passion and great patience. Her faith, dynamic and open-hearted personality are admirable,” Kha told Tuoi Tre.

Ginette had learned about Calligraphy during previous trips to her husband’s homeland, and the woman considers the meeting with Dzu Kha a chance of fate that links her with the land of Quy Nhon.

“I’ve come to Vietnam many times and, and I have spent three Tet holidays here,” Ginette said.

“Your country has beauty that can hypnotize any visitor,” she added.

Her small rental house near the poet’s grave is decorated with calligraphy versions of Han Mac Tu’s poems written with a “fire-pen”.

The woman, who can also fluently read poems in Vietnamese, said Trinh Cong Son’s music and Vietnamese traditional music gave her great inspiration.

“Writing Calligraphy requires a high amount of concentration. Listening to those kinds of music helps me to stay focused.” she added.

Every day Ginette, the woman who loves Vietnam as if it were her second homeland, tries to finish a Calligraphy painting with the fire-pen.

“Every time I start a Calligraphy painting, all my worries seem to be washed away by the pen,” she said.

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