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Welcome the world hip-hop contest


VietNamNet Bridge – B-Boy 3T, 23, a member of S.I.N.E Crew hip-hop troupe, is among four outstanding Asian dancers who are nominated for the world hip-hop contest in Moscow on November 26.

Hip-hop dancer Pham Khanh Linh.
B-Boy 3T or Pham Khanh Linh has practiced hip-hop for nine years. In the last two years, he has won many prizes: the third prize of R16 World Championships 2010 in South Korea, the second prize at the Hip-hop Session Jam in Germany 2011, the second prize of Who is who 2011 in France, the second prize of Bboy Solo 2011 in China, and the first prize of Freestyle Session Southeast Asia 2011.

The upcoming world hip-hop contest in Russia is a large-scale and prestigious event, which has been held annually since 2004.

This year, the qualifier round was organized in 27 countries to choose the best 16 dancers, including four Asian dancers from Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Linh was a former dancer of Bigtoe Crew, the most famous hip-hop troupe in Vietnam. He recently set up a new crew named S.I.N.E (Saying is not enough) with 19 other dancers.

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