Attractions in vietnam, travel tours vacation: HCM City makes plans to preserve Cho Lon

HCM City makes plans to preserve Cho Lon

Authorities in HCM City are considering a project to preserve Cho Lon, known as China town, in order to build it up as a tourist attraction. There is no need to China; you still feel how life of Chinese is! It is to visit China town in Ho Chi Minh City if you have a chance

The municipal Department of Planning and Architecture made a report on the project to the municipal government on June 4.
Cho Lon covers an area of 68 hectares, including several wards in Districts 5 and 6.
The area boasts various cultural sites such as temples, Chinese pagodas, Binh Tay Market and churches, in addition to folk and traditional festivals such as the Mid-autumn and Tet holidays.
The plan would begin with preservation pilot projects in three areas that occupy a total of around 14 hectares. These areas are home to the majority of cultural sites. The first area includes Thap Muoi, Le Tan Ke, Bai Say, and Tran Binh streets, along with Hang Bang canal. The second area includes Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Nguyen Trai, Luong Nhu Hoc, and Tran Hung Dao streets. The third area comprises Hai Thuong Lan Ong, and Van Kiep streets as well as Vo Van Kiet Revenue.

In addition to preserving existing infrastructure and limiting the height of new buildings in protected areas, the plan also calls for the upgrading of the square in front of Binh Tay Market, pedestrianising roads and cracking down on illegal parking. The plan also recommends upgrading Hang Bang Canal.

 Visiting this area, visitors will get the chance to see how Chinese medicine was made and used as well as enjoy the delicious dishes in Chinese taste. Visitors can also visit many tourist attractions in the district such as Thien Hau Pagoda on Nguyen Trai street which is the oldest pagoda built by Chinese in the city or the old buildings built based on Chinese structure on Trieu Quang Phuc street. Another place that visitors joining tours in Vietnam cannot miss is Binh Tay Market on Thap Muoi Street. 

Currently, authorities in District 6 have made plans to relocate and compensate 940 households living along the Hang Bang Canal, along with the owners of 58 stores to the south of Binh Tay Market.
The project’s consultant proposed that the Binh Tay Market also be upgraded to create a large public space that would  be greenery, water transport and restaurant and shopping areas. It is always attractive to foreign visitors in Vietnam tourism not only because of its special structure but also its exciting and lively atmosphere. 

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